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Student Nurse Planner Printable [59 PAGES]

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Ultimate 59-Page Student Nurse Planner: Organize, Plan, and Excel in Your Nursing Journey

Embark on your nursing education journey with the comprehensive 59-page Student Nurse Planner Printable, a specialized resource designed to guide you effortlessly through the complex world of nursing education. This printable PDF file offers a wide range of templates, planners, and organizational tools that can be easily printed by you as you need them. Each element of the planner is tailored to address the unique challenges faced by nursing students, ensuring that every aspect of your nursing journey is organized and efficient.

This Student Nurse Planner is a game-changer for nursing students, offering a multitude of benefits that streamline the entire nursing school experience. One of the key advantages of using this planner is its ability to promote efficient time management. With an assortment of planners and timetables, you can schedule your classes, assignments, and study sessions, ensuring you stay on top of your workload and make the most of your valuable time.

As a nursing student, staying organized is crucial for success, and this planner is designed to help you do just that. By providing dedicated templates for patient history, care plans, and clinical sheets, you can easily keep track of vital information and reduce the likelihood of overlooking important details. This organizational system allows you to focus on what truly matters: learning, growing, and excelling in your nursing education.

The planner also helps you monitor your progress throughout your nursing journey, with tools like grade trackers, assignment breakdowns, and exam trackers. These features enable you to set goals, evaluate your performance, and identify areas for improvement, ensuring that you're always moving forward and achieving your full potential.

Size of this Student Nurse Planner

You get both A4 and US Letter sized versions, meaning this Printable Student Nurse Planner is compatible with printers around the world. You are given pdf files in a zipped folder.

Colors included with this Nursing Student Planner

Upon purchasing, you get this Nursing Student Planner in 8 colors. Choose your favorite, or mix, match and color code your planner to suit your own personal preferences. Colors included:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Grey

Pages Contained In this Nursing Student Planner

  • Cover Page - Binder Cover
  • Cover Page - Nursing Templates
  • Pharmacology Template V1
  • Pharmacology Template V2
  • Disease Template V1
  • Disease Template V2
  • Disorder Template
  • Care Plan V1
  • Care Plan V2
  • Nursing Revision Sheet
  • Nurse Skills
  • Nurse Brain Sheet
  • Nursing Patient History
  • Vitals Log
  • Basic Clinical Sheet
  • Cover Page - Planners + Timetables
  • Year at a Glance
  • Blank Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Planner
  • Class Timetable
  • Weekly Plan
  • Class Timetable V2
  • Class Timetable V3
  • Important Dates
  • 10 Minute Work Plan
  • Study Plan
  • Todays Plan
  • Cover Page - Student Templates
  • To Do
  • Subject Overview
  • Study Checklist
  • Grade Tracker
  • Revision Sheet
  • Essay Planner
  • Credit Tracker
  • Week Notes
  • Assignments Tracker
  • Exams Tracker
  • Textbook Tracker
  • Goal Planner
  • Homework Log
  • Reading Log
  • Assignment Breakdown
  • Priority Planner
  • Chapter Summary
  • Chapter Summary Page 2
  • Project Planner
  • Cover Page - Notes
  • List
  • Lecture Notes
  • Lined Notes
  • Blank Lined Notes
  • Half Lined, Half Grid Notes
  • Half Lined, Half Blank Notes
  • Hexagonal Grid
  • Cornell Notes
  • Small Grid Notes
  • Dot Grid Notes
  • Blank Dot Grid Notes

Some of the main pages and sections in this Nursing Student Planner:

The Student Nurse Planner contains an array of templates designed to cater to the specific needs of nursing students. Here's an overview of some key pages:

  • Pharmacology Template: This template helps you keep track of essential drug information, such as generic and brand names, drug class, route, high alert status, therapeutic uses, mechanisms of action, adverse effects, nursing assessment, contraindications, considerations, and additional notes. This template enables you to efficiently organize and reference vital pharmacological information throughout your nursing education.
  • Nursing Disorder Template: This template allows you to record information on various nursing disorders, including nursing management, lab and diagnostics, pathology, risk factors, signs and symptoms, patient education, medications, mnemonics, and notes. It assists in organizing and consolidating critical disorder-related knowledge, making it easier to study and apply in your nursing practice.
  • Nursing Clinical Sheet Printable: This sheet helps you document essential clinical information such as doctor and patient names, age, date, time, room, procedures, activity, history, clinical state, medications, and notes. This template ensures that you have a comprehensive record of your clinical experiences, making it easier to reflect and build upon your skills.
  • Printable Nursing Care Plan: This two-page template guides you through the process of creating a detailed nursing care plan. It covers assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation, providing a structured approach to patient care and ensuring that every aspect of the patient's needs is addressed.
  • Disease Template: This template helps you organize information on various diseases, including the disease name, pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, interventions, lab and diagnostics, nursing considerations, risk factors, and patient education. It serves as a valuable study tool, allowing you to systematically compile and review disease-related knowledge.
  • Revision Sheet: This sheet allows you to record essential information on various conditions, such as pathology, clinical features, risk factors, investigations, management, and summary/keypoints. It serves as a quick reference guide, facilitating efficient review and consolidation of your knowledge.
  • Nurse Skills: This template assists you in documenting and organizing various nursing skills, covering indications, equipment, assessment, diagnosis, planning, delegation, and notes. It helps you track your progress in developing crucial nursing skills and serves as a handy reference for your nursing practice.
  • Printable Nurse Report Sheet: This comprehensive report sheet enables you to document patient background, assessments, labs, and plan of care. It helps you keep track of crucial patient information, ensuring that you provide well-informed and efficient care to your patients.
  • Nurse Handover: This template assists you in documenting vital patient information for handover, including patient name, age, room, diagnosis, attending physician, date of birth, complaint, code status, allergies, vitals, critical labs, medication, and notes. It ensures a smooth and effective handover process, promoting continuity of care and patient safety.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Catherine Hill

Love it form my nursing school use!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Catherine Hill

Love it form my nursing school use!