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Plan Print Land - Printable Planner Overview

Hello, and welcome to Plan Print Land!

My name is Isla, and I am a qualified Graphic Designer from Australia! I have always been a planner, and love nothing more than putting pen to paper!

During my time at University, where I studied a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication (Graphic Design), I began creating my own planners for personal use. This eventually lead to my first commission, from a classmate in an elective subject, and helped to kickstarted my career as a graphic designer in my 2nd semester of uni.

Before starting plan print land, and after graduating uni, I worked as a full-time graphic design freelancer for a number of years. Then, in late 2020, I finally rediscovered my love for creating printables, over 6 years since my very first commission. 

Plan Print Land started as an Etsy shop, and within 5 months, I had made over 2500 sales and generated over 200+ 5 star reviews and counting. 

I have created my own website to help grow and expand my brand. It contains most of what you will find on Etsy, but will expand on ranges and styles of products.

I still do some freelance work on the side, but as of February 2021, Plan Print Land has become my full time focus. I never would have imagined the thing I have always loved most, would become my full time Job. I am so excited to grow my by business and am extremely excited about the future of Plan Print Land. 

If you have any questions about me or my store, you may be able to find them on our FAQ section. Alternatively you can contact us!