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Digital Dream Journal

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An all-in-one Digital Dream Journaling Template For PDF annotation Programs

This Digital Dream Journal is the ultimate tool for documenting your nocturnal adventures! Designed for seamless compatibility with popular PDF annotation programs like Goodnotes and Notability, our journal is perfect for use on your iPad or tablet. With three captivating color schemes (Rainbow, Bohemian, and Bubblegum) included in your purchase, there's a style to suit everyone's taste.

Navigate effortlessly through the journal, as each section is dedicated to a new month, with hyperlinked days for quick access. Color-coded months, section dividers, and contents pages make organization a breeze. Our undated journal spans a full year, from January to December, allowing you to reuse it year after year.

Our digital dream diary is carefully designed features that cater to every aspect of your dream recording experience. Jot down your thoughts before sleep, capture the mood and emotions surrounding your dream, and give it a memorable title. Record the time of your dream, note whether it was a lucid experience or not, and describe the dream in vivid detail. Dive into the interpretation of your dream, express your feelings and comments, and add any additional notes to complete your entry.

The benefits of using a digital dream journal go beyond convenience and eco-friendliness. Dream journaling can unlock the door to better understanding yourself through dream interpretation and even enhance your lucid dreaming abilities. Embrace the wonders of our Digital Dream Journal, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and deeper connection with your subconscious.

About this Digital Dream Journal

This file is designed for use on a PDF ANNOTATION APP. This file has been tested on the following Apps: Goodnotes, Notability, Zoomnotes, Noteshelf, Xoxo. It should work on similar Apps. I would recommend using this file with an iPad, as well as an Apple Pencil. Please note it will NOT WORK on Onenote.

All text and elements contained within the planner are non-editable by design (unless mentioned). These files are designed to be drawn, highlighted and scribbled over!

PLEASE NOTE: These files are not officially affiliated with any of the apps mentioned. (Goodnotes, Noatability, Zoomnotes, Noteshelf, Xodo).

Adding & Deleting Pages

Pages can easily be duplicated where necessary, without affecting the hyperlink structure. You should avoid deleting pages if possible. 


This digital planner contains hyperlinks, designed to simplify navigation through the file. Hyperlinks in this planner include (but are not limited to):

  • Navigation Tabs along the right hand side linked to each section
  • Contents page linked to each section
  • A small 'Home' button in the top left corner
  • Daily Hyperlink on Each page of the month
  • Hyperlinks to each day of the month on the section dividers

Pages Included in this Digital Dream Journaling Template

  • Cover Page: That matches the color theme of the journal
  • Hyperlinked Contents Page: Skips the the section divider for each section
  • 12 Section Dividers: Color coded to match each section. Each section has a hyperlink to each page for that specific month.
  • Dream Journal Pages: All days within each month ate Hyperlinked to one another for easy navigation. Features for each page include:
    • Thoughts before sleep
    • Mood / Emotions
    • Dream Title
    • Time
    • Lucid Dream (Yes/No)
    • Dream Description
    • Interpretation
    • Feelings and Comments
    • Notes

Colors Schemes

Upon purchasing, you get this Digital Dream Journal in 3 Color Schemes:

  • Rainbow (12 Colors)
  • Bubblegum (Pictured, 12 Colors)
  • Bohemian (6 Colors)

Product Disclaimers

  • Instant digital download (nothing will be shipped).
  • You are given .pdf file(s). These files are designed for PDF annotation programs (text, layout and colors are non-editable)
  • Products on this site are for personal use only. You may not alter, redistribute, or resell them for monetary gain. 

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File Format

Most of our products are delivered to you in a ZIP file. Within this zipped file, your printables will be in .PDF format. The PDF files you receive will be non-editable, and are designed to be printed as is. 

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It is recommended that you purchase on a computer (windows/mac), rather than a mobile device or tablet. Most mobile devices such as phones and ipads, do not allow for downloading through a link.

Unzipping a compressed file

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Customer Reviews

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