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Frequently Asked

How will I receive my files?

Once payment has cleared, you will automatically receive an email with a download link to your file. Sometimes this email will get caught in your 'Spam' or 'Promotions' inboxes. Please check each of your inboxes before contacting me. If you still cant locate the files, please contact me with your order number. 

What file types will I receive?

Plan Print Land only sells .PDF documents, unless specifically stated in the listing. Files will often come in zipped folders, as a way of reducing the file sizes too acceptable levels. Once you open your zipped files, your .pdf document(s) will be ready to print.

How do I open a zipped File?

Most computers have the ability to un-zip files without the need for any extra software. Double clicking a zipped file should generally open the file, or right clicking and selecting 'extract files' on the zipped folder. More information about un-zipping compressed files can be found here.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes! Many of the files you see throughout my website have been requested by loyal customers. Generally, I will only agree to custom orders if it:

  • Is for personal (not commercial) use
  •  Will be useful to more customers than just you (I.e can be sold on my website or in my Etsy Store)

How many copies am I allowed to print?

You can print as many copies as you like, as long as they are for personal use. You may not share, redistribute, or alter the files in any way.

All of our products are covered by copyright law, and to share the file in digital or printed form would be in breach of this law. We keep a strict record of our design files, the finished files metadata.